Thailand: Bangkok

Everyone is going to Thailand, …everyone is going to Thailand….EVERYONE IS GOING TO THAILAND! Here’s why, and what I did when I was there!

Thailand, specifically Bangkok and Phuket, are part of a unique mecca in southeast asia. Thailand offers a feeling of open minded, private, exotic luxury and adventure at an approachable cost. There is also a great allure for those of us who love to wander; beaches, temples, jungles, parks, bars, eateries, hiking, clubs, and modern and unchanged cities. Thailand is also VERY budget friendly. If you can get the flight,… and then suffer the flight, you can enjoy quite a bit with your dollar on this trip. Thailand really does make a compelling destination, I highly recommend it. I flew into Bangkok first, then skirted around the country over the following 8 days, finishing off back in Bangkok. First, a look at Bangkok…

Bangkok, from my perspective, is a big city set in a jungle. Immediately you notice the anonymity that you feel in cities like New York, LA, Paris and London; you are just a speck in a massive community and network of tons of people. There is a hybridization of man and nature that exists here; wildlife and nature are both pest and ornament, welcomed and trimmed back. The heat and thick air are unyielding, digging into every part of you. Its important to note that, culturally, Bangkok gives you a similar experience to big cities worldwide. You get the same bars, nightlife, shops, taxis, foot traffic and stress that you experience anywhere else.

I met up with my best friend Teon in Thailand, we stayed in an air bnb and spent a total of 3 days in the city before skipping to another part of the country. The gay friendly parts of the city are easy to find, and nobody seemed to really notice us at all. As i’ve observed in other parts of the world, your appearance and lifestyle are far less important than the amount of money you are willing to spend. The first night we enjoyed a late dinner before heading to bed.

The next day, we explored the city. I made sure to check out the mall, a few close-by temples, and we went out that night to dance and have a few drinks. It should be noted that Bangkok is commerce CENTRAL! The streets are literally lined with street vendors, selling anything you could possibly want. I saw everything from yeezys to bat blood for sale. There are also tons of food carts and trucks, I indulged in everything I could that didn’t have pork in it.

I’d give Bangkok a solid 6 out of 10. You aren’t missing too much, Thailand’s other cities are far more entertaining and alluring on many different fronts. Bangkok feels like the perfect place for a far away business meeting and night of familiar but novel revelry.


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