Puerto Vallarta ii

Puerto Vallarta is for the traveler who wants a predictable resort experience, but not the same place all your friends have been to. Its a beginner course in a foreign language, baby steps on steep terrain, the first bite of a familiar dish at a brand new restaurant. It is very gay friendly, family friendly, elderly friendly, people of color friendly….just damn friendly. However, if you want to see what the real Puerto Vallarta looks like, it can be a bit jarring and shallow. I couldn’t ignore the halo affect my US passport afforded me, and the appearance of the outlying areas forever changed my perspective on resort travel. My first international vacation solidified my desire to see the world outside of my NYC bubble, and understand the ways other people enjoy their lives.


SO, how much to sneak away to Mexico for a quick and easy weekend on the pacific beach, surprisingly little.

This was my first international trip, so I had to get my passport…and because i’m the worst planner ever, I had to rush it at the last minute. I also purchased my flight relatively late, and likely missed out on travel deals had I looked months in advance. My friend Brian set up the resort lodging, split everything accordingly, and just gave me a deadline to turn in money…thank God for good friends lol. The US dollar, predictably, spends well in Mexico, and we took ample advantage of the economic advantage. The jeep rental, nights out, and expenses while scooting around were all very manageable.

rushed passport: 135 +80

flight : 397

resort: 260

jeep rental: approx 80 per person

travel expenses: approx 100

total cost:… 1,052 

Eh, not the cheapest trip, but, I’m very confident you could make Puerto Vallarta happen for around 700 dollars if you have your passport already. The major expense here will be in the resort stay, so make sure you do your research and choose one you really like…or find a nice airbnb!

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