Warrensburg II

Sometimes, the spirit needs a break from the monotony of New York City life, and recourse from the havoc and noise of the urban element. What better escape than to the actual backyard of the city, Warrensburg NY. It’s only 3 hours away, and nestled in the rural woods that are home to bears, beavers, and the mighty Hudson river.

The home we rented had access to several trails through the woods, a mushroom farm, a treehouse, and scenic views of the Hudson river.Other amenities included several patios, and a sun room where I could lay out and sober up before my treks through the wilderness. It was well worth the split cost.

I have broken down the cost of the schoolhouse rental I stayed in, the zipcar I took, and the cost of food and entertainment over this 4 day trip.

zipcar – 225

outfit – 160

food -60

airbnb – 120

Total cost for a quick weekend getaway = 565.

Totally worth it if you ask me, and although you can just as easily spend 500 on a flight to a warm tropical destination, you could pour that money into the local economy and help in sustaining the great American wilderness just outside the door. Plus, in visiting Warrensburg for a wedding celebration, I got an invitation to a free party and nights of fun with friends. Morning hikes through the woods, observing local chipmunks, and relaxing on the grounds of the schoolhouse were priceless.


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